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This is A 5 minute lesson on Traditional Marketing vs. Education-Based Marketing

In the 21st century it's all about Education-Based Marketing 

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Our  Dealer Advocate Sales approach uses Educational-Based Marketing in every contact we have with your internet customers. This is a powerful marketing strategy that establishes trust and credibility using education based messages.

Human nature dictates that on a base level we all want to make the best buying decision possible. Therefore, your customers and prospects will sit up and listen when you share important facts and expert information on what they need to know about your dealership and the vehicles you are selling. 

It doesnít matter whether youíre selling a service or a product - the buyer wants to be educated about what is important to know about your product and your dealership. Once you can effectively do this, you will establish trust and confidence. You will then be viewed as the only logical choice when a buyer decides who they should do business with.  

**Using the research we have gathered, 

  1. We will educate the consumer, 

  2. Help facilitate their decision process, 

  3. Lower the risk of doing business with your dealership 

  4. Make your dealership the logical choice

In addition, through our training programs
you'll come to understand the difference between 
strategic and tactical marketing.

In order to understand the nuts and bolts of marketing, you need to have a firm understanding about the difference between strategic and tactical marketing. The distinction between the two is enormous. 
  1. Most dealerships mistakenly assume that when we talk about marketing that we are automatically talking about placing ads in newspapers, sending out mailers, or creating brochures. That's the tactical side of marketing. 
  2. In reality the strategic side of marketing Ė 
  • what you say, 
  • how you say it,
  • and who you say it to 

...is always more important than the marketing medium, or where you say it.

This is a critical point to understand and is worth repeating before moving on. 

Most dealerships understand that they need a website, newspaper ads, radio ads or direct mail advertising, or the tactical side. But where most dealerships fail miserably is in not understanding that the strategic side, or the marketing message needs to connect with their target market to be effective. 

In this case we are talking about your Internet Customers.

Does Your Inside Reality Match The Outside Perception?
If Not, Youíve Got A Problem . . .

From a marketing perspective there are two parts of your dealership you need to be concerned with Ė the Inside Reality and the Outside Perception.

Letís look at each part. Your Inside Reality is the actual value you bring to the marketplace. It can include your vehicle quality, service dept, your nice clean bathrooms, your friendly sales people, etc. In a nutshell, your Inside Reality is all the excellent benefits you bring to your customers. Many companies develop a good inside reality by determining what their customers want, then developing their business to meet these needs.

Your Outside Perception is the way your company is viewed by your present customers and prospective customers. How do your customers and prospects develop this view? Your Outside Perception is developed by any and all communication you have with them, whether it is your marketing, advertising or sales and since we're talking about Internet Sales your email contacts

This is where the problem comes in. Rarely, does a companiesí Inside Realty match the Outside Perception. There is a communication gap.

Why donít they match up? While many businesses may have a great Inside Reality, because average car salesman is not communications experts, most dealership fail to sell effectively over the Internet. They donít effectively communicate the benefits and reasons why their customers and prospects should do business with them. In other words, they donít become the obvious choice to their target market.. The Internet Shopper.

Take a look at your website and the emails your internet dept is sending out. Do they really say anything different than any one elseís? 

We will match your inside reality and your outside perception effectively using proven sales techniques, combined with new technologies and computer skills to communicate to your internet shoppers why your dealership is the logical choice when it come to buying their new car or truck. This will result in delivering more vehicles for your dealership.

That's what we do. 

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